Learn More on the Famous Artworks Painted by Da Vinci

Looking at art and feeling emotions once reflecting over it as well as being able to produce art is one of the main characteristics in which only we as humans are capable of. During the history of the human kind, many people were fascinated by this technique, and they’ve developed a lot of different ways to express their feelings and ideas through a lot of different options which were wide all over the history. In this article, we will talk more over one artist which is very famous even now, and his name is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was born during the renaissance period, and he is much known among the world now. His actual name is Leonardo, and due to the fact that Italy was his birthplace, in the city of Vinci, his name means Leonardo from Vinci. There is no doubt that there are almost no people that would’ve say that they are not familiar with the painting of Mona Lisa (if you want to read more on the story of the painting, you can make it by clicking here), and in a fact, it is one of his most famous paintings, and maybe even one of the greatest in the art history. But besides that, there are a lot of other things by which he will always be remembered, and here we will write more and make sure to provide you more details on his life, work, career and of course, his relationship with art.

His life and career

He was born during the 15th century, or more specifically, in April, 1452, in the region of Italy. But besides being a painter, he was great in many other fields, such as being an architects, engineers, painters, inventors, he worked in the field of the astronomy as well and many other things in this period. After a while, he moved from Vinci to Milano, where he started painting on a more professional way. During this time, he was living as the best painters alive in Italy, and we that, he was very famous among the many. But in a fact, there are only a small number of information over his early life, and before the period where he moved into the other cities, there are no significant facts on his life in Vinci. Unfortunately, his life in Milano wasn’t meant to last, due the fact that he went back home since his father died. When painting Mona Lisa, he has developed a new technique, about which you can learn more by clicking on the domain provided next https://www.britannica.com/art/sfumato.

His artworks

During his life spawn, he has made a lot of great inventions, and painted many beautiful paintings with a traditionally developed technique which was improved by him. Because of this, he became one of the most famous people in the arts, and in this period so far. Besides his capital painting called Mona Lisa, which was a portrait of a beautiful young lady, painted by Leonardo, he managed to pain a lot of other beautifully expressed paintings. That’s why he was the one to do the painting of The Last Supper, and there is a great story following this painting as well, since he was not sure which face should be the one shown on the face of Judah. But once in need to check those reproduction and see how those beautiful masterpieces look like, the easiest way to get it done is by going through the web portal named 1st Art Gallery – Da Vinci. Besides them, the third most famous art by him is the drawing of the Vitruvian Man, which is made with pen and ink. It is a drawing made in his late life, and he was kept inside his notebooks for many years. It was made in order to show the people the most perfect proportion of a man, and the architects were following it in order not to make a mistake when following the right human proportions inside their artworks. He was able to easily solve the concept, by drawing a male figure with arms that were open wide, and all of that was inside a frame made by a circle.…

Fünf Gründe, warum das Lesen von Zeitschriften von Vorteil ist

In der Schule hörte ich immer den Satz “Lesen ist grundlegend”. Lehrer und Bibliothekare würden ständig versuchen, Schüler dazu zu bringen, Bücher zu lesen. Leider habe ich keine Bücher gelesen. Auch als Erwachsener bin ich kein Buchliebhaber. Obwohl Bücher mein Leben lang nicht wirklich mein Interesse geweckt haben, konnte ich trotzdem die positiven Auswirkungen lesen und erfahren. Dank Zeitschriften konnte ich die Vorteile des Lesens genießen.


Ein Unterhaltungsmagazin kann mehr als nur Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen oder Sie unterhalten. Wenn Sie ein Magazin abonnieren, kann es den Stress reduzieren. Nach einem anstrengenden Tag oder einem langen Arbeitstag können Magazine Sie von Ihrer Realität abbringen und Sie in den Nebel von Prominenten, positiven Ereignissen oder einer kurzen Geschichte stecken. Wenn Sie jeden Artikel lesen, wird Ihr Geist entspannt, weil Sie in der Lage sind, die Sorgen des Tages loszulassen.

Stimulieren Sie Ihren Geist

Die Wörter, die auf den Seiten eines Magazins gedruckt werden, helfen Ihnen, Stress abzubauen, und können Ihre geistigen Fähigkeiten verbessern. Berichten zufolge kann die mentale Stimulation dazu beitragen, die Wahrscheinlichkeit einer Entwicklung von Demenz oder Alzheimer zu verringern. Dies liegt daran, dass das Lesen eines Magazins dazu beiträgt, dass der Verstand aktiv bleibt. Ein kontinuierlich engagierter Verstand verringert die Chancen, dass er an Kraft verliert.

Wissen gewinnen

Zeitschriften sind nicht nur ein Mittel, um Stress abzubauen, um unterhalten zu werden. Die Artikel in einer Zeitschrift können das Wissen einer Person erweitern. Gesundheits-, Finanz- und Selbsthilfeartikel verfügen über die Fähigkeit, eine Person mit Wissen auszustatten, das ihnen auf ihrem Lebensweg helfen kann. Sobald der Artikel gelesen ist, speichert das Gehirn die Informationen automatisch, damit sie später abgerufen werden können.

Mentale Prozesse verbessern

Wenn Sie einen Zeitschriftenartikel lesen, muss sich der Leser konzentrieren und konzentrieren. Wenn Sie dies für 10 bis 15 Minuten tun, kann dies die geistige Leistungsfähigkeit einer Person stärken. In dieser Gesellschaft gewöhnen wir uns daran, Dinge schnell und augenblicklich zu haben. Online haben wir eine Fülle von Informationen an unseren Fingerspitzen, sodass wir uns nicht darauf konzentrieren müssen, eine Antwort oder Informationen zu finden. Wenn uns so viele Informationen zur Verfügung stehen, kann dies zu einer Überlastung führen und es fast unmöglich machen, sich auf eine Sache zu konzentrieren. Wenn wir Zeitschriften abonnieren und durchlesen, müssen wir uns auf das konzentrieren, was wir lesen. Infolgedessen kann unser Geist unsere Konzentration und Konzentrationsfähigkeit steigern.


Durch das Lesen eines Magazins können Sie sich mit vielen Wörtern vertraut machen, die Sie möglicherweise nicht kennen. Mit Hilfe von Kontexthinweisen können Sie das Wort zusammen mit seiner Definition leicht erlernen. Das Erlernen neuer Wörter und deren Definition ist ein Weg, um artikuliert und sogar gut gesprochen zu werden. Obwohl eine Art von Zeitschrift eine Person beim Aufbau ihres oder ihres Vokabulars besser unterstützen kann, haben alle mindestens ein Wort, das Ihren Wortschatz ergänzt.…

Turn Your Hobby Into Your Career 

It is almost impossible to have a hobby that you actually have time to partake in these days. For most of us, life has gotten to the point of just two levels – go to work and go to sleep so you can get up to go to work again. However, wouldn’t it be nice to take that hobby you never have time for anymore and make it into a business for yourself?

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A Few Hobby Ideas That Could Make You Money

That is just one example, but there are ample amounts of interesting hobbies that people do that eventually turn into a great business venture for them to invest in. For instance, if you are a lover of music but you don’t see yourself playing for the Boston Symphony, how about teaching young kids to reach for that goal by being their music teacher?

How about Photography? You could sell your pretty photos to stockpile photos online or maybe you have always dreamed about being a writer, why not start writing your own blog about things that may interest you and others. And this is just throwing out a few ideas. There are so many more hobbies you could make a profit at if you sincerely love what you are doing.

Construct Your Plan

To further expand this idea, it will be important to be sure that whatever you are thinking about doing and turning into a money maker for yourself, it will be something that is definitely enjoyable. Again, make sure it feels more like a hobby than that nine to five that you are about to wave goodbye to. If you go into something on your own that has none of your own interests at heart, then you will basically be in the same old routine even if you are on your own in doing so.

In addition to pondering the idea of turning your hobby into a paycheck, you must have a plan to get started. Since it is considered a hobby, you just can’t start the hobby and expect it to magically make you money. You must plan out how you will set it all in motion.

Take It Step By Step

Furthermore, the usual steps to start anything is to have a focus, plan, research the main criteria of your future endeavor, start the project, and most importantly, advertise and network through social media sites and later maybe your own business website.

Finally, this article is about bringing forth an option to a dull and tiring lifestyle and making an exciting and fun one look possible. It could be a true reality for someone with the courage to take a hobby that they love and expanding it into something others may also appreciate. Photos, stories, music, gaming, graphic design, etc. Anything that you enjoy doing, if you truly have the drive, you can make that hobby into a flourishing business.…