When Love Is A Battlefield

Ever wonder what it would be like to take out all of your anger and aggression on your enemies and literally get away with it? Think about it. There you are growling and gritting your teeth, while you pace the floors back and forth over a senseless attack from your best friend, that came out of nowhere. Boy are you mad!

What do you do next? I’ll tell you what you do next – You put on your most comfortable running shoes, and your best, light gear. You set up an appointment to meet all of your best enemies in one hour at the open field, for some tactical laser tag houston tx, and then you arrive thirty minutes before to blind side him with the first shot – that’s what you do! Don’t forget to bring your shotgun, and put on your headband, stress belt, and plate loader vest. After all, winning is a sweaty game and making sure you’re stress free is a necessary skill. Extra protection is a plus.

Now head over to the open shooting battlefield, where there is over 12,000 square feet of getting even on the open field town of your choice. And yes! Getting away with your laser attack is only part of the fun! The best part of it all is, all of your family and best buds get to join in on the battle – because when it comes down to laser tagging on the Battlefield, It’s all I love yous but, tag, you’re it, who’s next? You get to take out all of your anger and aggression on your most trusted friends and loved ones for thirty minutes, or one hour if you’re really angry. If you’re super unstoppable angry, go ahead and just go ballistic on a two hour shoot out and settle the score. Your choice. Your move pal. It’s on! Because when you get right down to it, love is a battlefield.

How laser tag works is that once a person is tagged by the laser from the laser gun and it hits an individual, the sensors that the person is wearing will then let off a field of light that will cover the person who is wearing the vest. The hit is then registered by the beam that was shot off. Most parents and adults will agree that laser tag is a fun war game that kids seem to enjoy. Plus, it keeps kids active and away from the television, computers, and cellphones. But the question that comes to their minds is, is laser tag safe? The answer according to laser experts is yes. There have been studies on the eyes that show laser tagging causes no damage to an person’s vision. Laser tag is a war game that was invented in 1986 by George A. Carter lll . At the same time, the first proton toys were put out by World’s of Wonder.